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All visitors must read the following information, terms and conditions prior to booking or participating in any booking at The Escape Rooms. By booking, you agree that these Terms & Conditions have been read, understood and agreed by all visitors.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the term “Visitor” is used to describe any customer, player, or attendee and covers all persons associated with an individual booking. A booking is considered one, 60-minute slot per room so, if payment is taken for multiple 60-minute slots in one payment this would be considered multiple, individual bookings. The Terms “We” and “Us” refer to The Escape Rooms and The Escape Rooms staff.

If you wish to clarify or discuss anything contained within these Ts & Cs please email us at escape@escaperoomsnewport.co.uk. We will be happy to clarify anything and will do our best to work with you to ensure you have a great experience with us.


By making a booking you agree that The Escape Rooms can contact you via e-mail or phone  to provide information about your booking. Your data is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and all personal/contact details provided will not be passed to any other companies or individuals. On booking, you also have the option to give consent for us to use the contact details provided to personalise and enhance your gaming experience. These personalised elements would be protected under the Data Protection Act and would not be included in any other bookings other than those attended by the specified visitor(s). 

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend that you give consent for all members of your party to be included in the personalised content. While this is not obligatory, it allows us to include additional personalised elements within the rooms. These are designed to enhance your experience and would be unique to your booking.


The Escape Rooms are a live, interactive gaming experience that can be played by groups from two to twelve players playing simultaneously. There is little physical effort needed to escape the rooms but due to the level of problem solving required it may be easier to complete in larger groups. The Rooms should only be solved using elements, clues, puzzles and materials found within the room. Groups should arrive at least 10 minutes before their booking slot for a debriefing. The group will then be admitted into their booked room and will have up to a maximum of 60 minutes to solve the room and escape. If the group is still in the room after 60 minutes are up, we’re sorry but you lose! After the experience, there will be approximately 5-10 minutes for souvenir photos and feedback.


Please be aware that the use of excessive physical force is NOT required for any aspect needed to solve the room. Visitors must take all due care and attention not to damage or destroy any items, furnishings, fittings or props within the game rooms and agree to follow any instruction by a member of staff. Any damage to The Escape Rooms property, either by intentional misuse or a failure to follow instructions or rules may be charged to the visitor(s) responsible.

The gameplay is designed so that staff members should not have to “break the illusion” of the room once gameplay has commenced. If advice or guidance is needed this will be delivered by characters, events or information revealed during gameplay within the style/plot/reality of the room. This will be reflected in the leader boards (see below). Staff members will only communicate directly with visitors during game play in the event of:

-           an emergency

-           any visitor wishing to leave the room before the end of the game

-           any unforeseeable circumstances which may affect gameplay

-           any suspected rule-breaking within the room

-           any otherwise unacceptable or dangerous behaviour within the room. 



Groups which successfully escape will have their group name, the number of players and their successful completion time recorded on our leader boards. There are bonuses available for groups which do not need any hints or assistance and there may be additional bonus content which can be discovered within the game. This bonus content may not be vital for the completion of the room but leader board recognition will be given to any groups which discover our hidden extras. Record-breaking groups will get a shout out on social media.


Due to the Royal Chambers being an underground, basement space, it does not currently have its own drainage and therefore we currently do not have W.C facilities on-site. During the Market opening hours visitors to The Escape Rooms will be able to use the public WC facilities on the ground floor of the market building. Outside of Market opening hours, our friends next door at Tiny Rebel are happy for all Escape Room visitors to use their W.C facilities and these do include wheelchair accessible toilets. This has been agreed for the full term of our current lease. Therefore we recommend popping next door to Tiny Rebel, or upstairs to the Market, beforehand as we will not be able to allow time for breaks to do so during your booking and if any visitor does need to leave the room during gameplay they may not be readmitted.



The Royal Chambers are the basement space below Newport Market which is a grade 2 listed building. Whilst this means we have inherited some fantastic architectural details it also means that the structure of the building does present some physical barriers to accessibility. If you have any special needs regarding accessibility, please contact us before making a reservation. We want to ensure everyone can have a great time with us and we will provide any assistance possible to help visitors on to and off site. Access to the rooms is currently only possible via a wide stairwell, with handrails, leading down from Griffin Street to the basement floor. We are happy to provide any assistance possible in negotiating this stairwell and are considering permanent, long-term solutions. The rooms themselves are all on one level and are built to ensure accessibility for visitors with restricted mobility. 

Due to the space being underground and having no direct drainage of its own, there are also some restrictions as to what plumbing can be installed. During the Market opening hours visitors to the escape rooms will be able to use the public WC facilities on the ground floor of the market building. Outside of Market opening hours, our friends next door at Tiny Rebel are happy for all Escape Room visitors to use their W.C facilities and these do include wheelchair accessible toilets. This has been agreed for the full term of our current lease.

In the longer-term, on extending our lease, we hope to work with the property owners (whilst respecting any restrictions regarding the building’s listed status) to install permanent W.C facilities as well as either a standard or wheelchair stairlift. If the listed building status restricts the installation of a mechanical stairlift then we hope to rent a space in the Market building or nearby in order to provide a fully accessible escape room. This may be restricted by the venue's opening hours but we will make every effort to ensure its availability for any customers who cannot visit the Royal Chambers.

We welcome everyone and want to do all that we can to ensure we are able to accommodate any specific or special requirements that may affect the enjoyment of any visitors to The Escape Rooms.


Keep it Secret, Keep it safe…

The Escape Rooms value word of mouth and hope that you do tell your friends what you thought of your time with us. However, we request and expect all visitors not to disclose any specific details or information about their gaming experience directly or indirectly to the public. Much of the room content and plot is best enjoyed as a surprise and spoilers may take away from the experience of others. The methods, clues and means of escaping should not be shared as this will seriously affect the enjoyment of future visitors and compromise the fairness of the ongoing visitor leader boards.

Visitors should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their booking for a full debriefing. Arriving late will mean less time to complete the room as all groups MUST be debriefed on all the rules beforehand. We are unable to end the room later than scheduled due to a strict schedule of bookings plus some time-specific room content.

(I.e. for a 2.00pm booking you should arrive at 1.50pm. If you were to arrive at 2.00pm you would still have to be debriefed and as such may only have 45/50 minutes to solve the room.)

If any group or group member arrive after the scheduled start time for the booking they may be refused admission without refund. We will only admit latecomers to a game that has already started at our discretion and never more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start of a game.

(i.e. if the group or any member of the group arrive later than 2.15 for a 2pm booking they would not be admitted to the game room).


The use of any recording device or photography is strictly prohibited within the game room nor will any devices or tools which may assist in solving the room be permitted in the game space. A secure box will be provided for all such belongings for the duration of the game. This will be taken into the game space so will be in sight of the players throughout but all items are brought on site at the owner’s discretion. The Escape Rooms will accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of any visitor belongings and we therefore suggest that visitors do not bring excessive additional baggage or property where possible.

Alcohol is not permitted on the premises under any circumstances. We want you to have a great experience with us and understand that your booking may be part of a larger set of planned activities. However, we strongly recommend that all visitors avoid excessive alcohol consumption before their booking. Intoxication will not only affect your enjoyment and ability to complete the game but, if any visitor appears intoxicated they may be refused admission or asked to leave without completing their booking.

All visitors are expected to be respectful of the Escape Rooms staff, premises and property at all times.

Visitors participate at their own risk and are expected to follow all rules and instructions given. This includes the full content of these Terms and Conditions, The content of the pre-game debriefing as well as any communication from staff on site at any time during your visit. The Escape Rooms will accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury caused by any visitor’s failure to follow these instructions or rules.

The Escape Rooms reserve the right for any staff member to refuse access or to end a game at ANY time, without refund:

-           IF there is any damage to or destruction of Escape Rooms property, furniture, fittings, props or premises.

-           IF a staff member believes the behaviour of any visitor risks damage or destruction of Escape Rooms property, furniture, fittings, props or premises.

-           IF a staff member believes there is any risk to the health and safety of any staff or visitors.

-           IF an individual visitor arrives more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of a booking. 

-           IF any visitors appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

-           IF any visitors attempt to bring any illegal items or substances onto the premises.

-           In the event of any abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff or visitors. Any and all incidents of this nature against Escape Rooms staff may be reported to the Police.

-           IF a visitor wishes to leave the room and end their game. Under these circumstances the supervising staff member will decide whether the remaining players can complete the game or if the whole booking must be concluded. Any individual player choosing to leave their booked room before the end of a game will not be readmitted nor will a refund be made.


Our rooms have an advisory age restriction of 15+ years both due to the difficulty level as well as the content. For groups aged younger than 15 one adult aged 18+ must be present for the pre-game briefing.  Children under the age of 10 years will not be permitted under any circumstances. Children aged 10 or 11 may only play in a group that also included adults of 18+ years or age. Please be advised the content of the room may be distressing to younger visitors or those of a sensitive disposition.



Bookings must be paid for in advance and must specify the number of players attending. Bookings are handled via SimplyBook through the link here 

When booking you must provide the name and contact information for at least one of your party members. This will be needed along with your when you come to attend your booked slot. If the booking is being made as a gift this should be made clear at the time of booking and contact information must be given for both the person making the booking and at least one member of the party who will be present on the day. We will confirm your booking by email. In the event that you do not receive a booking confirmation email please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your booking has been completed. Without your booking confirmation email we cannot guarantee that the booking has been made and payment taken.

The person who makes the booking is entirely responsible for the accuracy of details given. The Escape Rooms will not be responsible for any consequences arising from incorrect details being provided either deliberately or unintentionally during the booking process. If you are aware of an error made during the booking process please bring it to our attention as soon as you are able.


The Pricing Tariff is as follows:

Two Players £40 (£20 p/p)

Three Players £55.50 (£18.50 p/p)

Four Players £68 (£17 p/p)

Five Players £80 (£16 p/p)

Six Players £90 (£15p/p)

Seven Players £105 (£15 p/p)

Co-op Games of TORTURECORP are charged between £120 and £180 at a flat rate of £15 p/p.

Please see our official website or Facebook page for most up to date information on pricing. The Escape Rooms reserve the right to change the prices at any time, but will not apply any such changes to previously confirmed bookings. We can only currently take bookings online via SimplyBook. Full payment is required at the time of booking and we cannot take booking reservations without payment. In some case, for large bookings or bookings made far in advance, we may be able to take a non-refundable £30 deposit per game to reserve a booking slot for you at the discretion of Escape Rooms staff. The remaining amount must be paid, in full by 7 days prior to your game and will usually be invoiced online. You may only transfer a booking to another person with permission from The Escape Rooms and we reserve the right to refuse your request. Bookings may not be transferred or resold for commercial gain or profit. Any bookings transferred for this purpose will be cancelled and persons attending the booked experience will be refused admission.


As costs vary depending on the number of visitors per booking you must report any change in expected player numbers as soon as possible to The Escape Rooms by emailing escape@escaperooms.co.uk or sending a Facebook message (@theescaperooms). This is not considered confirmed UNLESS you have received a response from us confirming the booking has been amended. Any difference in price will be charged/refunded as soon as possible. This will need to be done via emailed invoicing software prior to your visit. If agreed in advance we may be able to take cash or card payments for the difference on the day but only with prior permission via escape@escaperoomsnewport.co.uk.

- If you wish to cancel your booking no refund will be made, however, in the event that you can no longer attend at your chosen time/date we will endeavour to offer you the chance to reschedule your booking.

- If your booking is in MORE than 15 days: You would not be refunded in the event of a cancellation. However, you may reschedule your booking or make any changes in player numbers at this point. Any additions or reductions to player numbers can be made at this stage and the difference will be invoiced/refunded as soon as possible.

- If your booking is in 14 days or fewer: We regret that we cannot refund any amount in the event of reduced player numbers however you may still be able to add players and the additional cost would be invoiced prior to your booking. In the event that you need to reschedule with less than 14 days notice You would be obliged to pay a £30 deposit. This would be returned to you in the event that another booking is made in your original slot. If your slot goes unused we would retain the £30 to cover the costs of running and staffing the room for this time. We would let you know as soon as a booking is made in your original slot and would refund your deposit accordingly.

- If your booking is in 6 days or fewer: It is still possible to increase the number of players with fewer than 6 days notice. However we may not be able to include any personalised game content for these players.