The Escape Rooms Newport
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A spaceship has landed in Novaport and needs a crew. Have you got what it takes to conquer the stars?

Novaport 2312

A new experience has landed...

Situated in Friar's Walk (a short walk from The Escape Rooms), and in collaboration with Sin City Comics & Gaming, our Starship Bridge Experience is ready to launch and needs a crew. Get your team together and take control using touch screen stations for Science, Engineering, Weapons, Communications and Helm to fly the Starship Icarus in evolving, real-time missions. Of course you'll need a Captain to keep your crew together but who will be the Spock to your Kirk? Or will you find your crew is just a bunch of redshirts?


Whether you're a plucky crew of fresh-out-of-the-Academy space cadets or a battle-hardened gang of space junkers, you'll need to work together as a team if you're going to plot a course across undiscovered galaxies while surviving attacks from space pirates, asteroid fields and strange, alien species...

The Starship Bridge Experience is different to our other experiences and is not an 'Escape Room'. Missions can last an hour or longer depending on your preferences - it's a big universe after all. Email us at to speak to our team about booking options.

The Starship Bridge Experience is a co-operative game and is a great way to develop team-working. Flying and surviving in space does require some introduction to crew roles and space-flight which our team will guide you through before letting you explore the galaxy.

Limited dates and times are available to book and bookings are made via email at

Thanks to Sin City Comics & Gaming for their support. Check out their store when you visit and support local by buying here: Sin City Comics & Gaming