If you would like to buy a game as a gift you can purchase a gift voucher which will allow the recipient to book with us at a time and date to suit them. Gift Vouchers are usually valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Games can be booked for a visit beyond the expiry date as long as the booking itself is made before the voucher expires. If you need to extend a gift voucher past its expiration date this may be possible - please let us know, by email before the voucher expires.


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis Gift Vouchers issued after March 1st 2020 will have an 18-month validity which can be extended if needed.  


Prices are as follows:

Two-player game      -£40​

Three-player game   -£55.50 ​

Four-player game     -£68​

Five- player game     -£80 

​Six-player game        -£90 ​

Seven-player game  -£105

Once purchased your recipient will be able to book any game for the correct number of players stated on the voucher via our website at any time to suit before the expiry date. 



If you would like to purchase a voucher please email us at escape@escaperoomsnewport.co.uk and let us know the following information:


- The name of the gift recipient(s).

- The number of players in the game. 

- Whether you would prefer a hard copy or emailed voucher.

- If ordering a hard copy, the postal address you would like the voucher sent to (postage and printing costs apply)


Once ordered, we will invoice you for the amount requested which can be paid online and, once paid, within 1-2 working days your voucher will be created and sent to you.  We can send you an emailed voucher that you can print off on your end (all the recipient actually needs is their unique code which is stated on the voucher) or, if you prefer, for an additional £1.25 we can send a hard copy of the voucher for you to hand over as a gift, just provide the postal address when you get in touch. If you need your voucher urgently, let us know when ordering and we will do our best to turn it around in time for you. 


If required your recipient is welcome to add additional players to their game (up to the maximum game capacity for their chosen room) and pay separately for these players. They should book for the number of players stated on the gift voucher via the website using their unique booking code. Once their game is booked they should email us at escape@escaperoomsnewport.co.uk to change the booking to the correct number of players and arrange payment of the difference. 


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